Financial Investment

Coaching fees are negotiable, dependent on the terms of coaching agreement.
No sincere, responsible client is turned away due to limited funds.

Fees are discounted for those with ongoing or long term contracts.
Coach and client will negotiate contract terms during the initial interview.
Either may review the terms and request re-negotiation.
Missed and cancelled sessions without 48-hour notice are billed to client.
The client is to pay monthly in advance.
Coaching clients are requested to give a 14-day notice for agreement changes.

Usual and customary fee is $150/one hour coaching session.
Negotiable fees range from $75-$250/hour, based on customary fee schedule, travel, assessment tools, workshop materials and number of recipients benefiting from coaching.

Agreements are tailored to suit the needs of each client.
Clients are requested to consider what is "fair" for themselves and their coach.
The negotiated fee is based on what provides for the coach’s time and is manageable for the client.

Sessions are scheduled at convenient times for both client and coach, whether weekly, bimonthly, monthly or as needed.
Initial sessions are usually 60-90 minutes for the interviewing process.
To the extent the client takes initiative in implementing the suggestions of the coach, sessions may only need to be 15-30 minutes for a check-in and update.

"My intention is to provide each client my full focus with the expertise, education, information and inspiration that is essential and effective for their success. I give you my best and encourage you to contribute your best to our co-creative success."
-Betty Lue