Services by Betty Lue Lieber, PhD MFT

Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist
Values-Centered Coaching
Relationship Counseling
Psycho Spiritual Therapy
Integrative Health Education
Founder/Director Reunion Ministries
Creative Solutions, Coordinator
Co-Facilitator of Living Ministry
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Spiritual Director
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Teacher
Certified T’ai Chi Chih Teacher

  • Loving Reminders
  • Peaceful Reminders
  • Relationship Reminders
  • Pocketbook of Affirmations
  • The Light In You
  • Forgiveness
Ph.D. In Theocentric Psychology
Masters in Clinical & School Psych
BS in Developmental Psychology

Coaching Specialties

Leadership Effectiveness
Relationship Enhancement
Family Enrichment
Communication Excellence
Holistic Health Education
Personal Empowerment
Spiritual Emergence

Interfaith Ministry

Wedding Officiating
Memorials and Sacred Ritual
Living Ministry Training Program

Workshop Trainings

Workshop and Retreat Facilitation
Organizational Strategic Planning
Motivational Speaking/Teaching

Workshop Specialties

Spiritual Direction
Life Purpose
Whole Life Integration
Holistic Health
Family Life Education
Healthy Relationships